Hello to all our Mile Hill Melodrama friends!

It’s been a while. 

We survived through the uncertainty of lockdowns and isolation emerging to get back to the business of theatre - 30 years of theatre. It’s hard to remember our first time on stage. The shock and awe we felt at your response to our awkward and clumsy effort. Then the realization that we could share our love of laughter and good times with a growing group of friends all dressed up in some well picked plays and perfectly placed performances. 

What a delightful recipe put together in the ideal environment, our home, The Gillies Community Center. Remembering these years of laughter and tears, the friendships made and kept, the lives shared and lost we consider ourselves so fortunate to have been on this journey and to share it with you. 

And so, with great respect to our active members busy lives, and to make room for the next generation of thespians, Mile Hill Melodrama is retiring. It worked so well for so long but like the end of a great play the curtain must fall.

To you our friends, old and new, we say adieu. The lights are up, we take our bows, a round of applause, greetings below the stage stairs, a cup or two of wine, lots of laughs and home we all go thinking of the next stage.

Thank you all and goodnight!

Our Approach

Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, entertain our fans, and just plain have fun. Shows go up twice a year - in the late fall and early spring. We like a good laugh, and our repertoire reflects our diverse sense of humour - from the classic wit of The Importance of Being Ernest to the rollicking comedic action of our 20th anniversary production, Til Beth Do Us Part.


"Taking the starry evening ride to Mile Hill is a special treat. I guess you could say, MHM is like a box of crackerjacks. Some might say the shows can be corny, but they can also be caramel sweet, slightly salty, and full of the greatest surprises. That's why audiences return - they know they are going to be filled up with a great big, low-cal, guilt-free happy." -- Cambrian Players, Thunder Bay, ON

"We have enjoyed live theatre in Thunder Bay, Grand Marais, Minneapolis, Winnipeg and Palm Springs. Mile Hill tops them all as pure entertaining theatre!" -- Doreen and Harry Sitch, Hymers, ON

 Banner photo: Limelight 3 by David Ritter.